Koala Plans


Koala has a really simple range of plans. The only difference is the speed of the internet connection and whether you want standard telephone calls included.

If you elect to incldued the Koala Calls Package it will costs an additonal $10 per month.

Included calls are local calls, calls to Australian landline numbers, and calls to Australian Mobiles. All other calls are extra. e.g. International calls.

The speed options are:-

                                                                Without                    With
                                                             Calls included          
  Calls Included


12 Meg Download / 1 Meg Upload                $59.95                     $69.95

25 Meg Download / 5 Meg Upload                $69.95                     $79.95

50 Meg Download / 20 Meg Upload              $79.95                     $89.95

100 Meg Download / 40 Meg Upload            $99.95                    $109.95


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